Air Source Registration and GHG Reports

The federal Clean Air Act (CAA) requires facilities that emit air pollutants to report annual emission to the EPA or state agency.  Several types of reporting are required, each with reporting thresholds and reporting deadlines.

Air source registration forms must be submitted on a annual or triennial basis that details the equipment source and the type and quantity of air pollutants emitted for the previous calendar year.  The pollutants can be products of fuel combustion or process chemicals.  They can take the form of dust, mists, vapors or gases.

Annually, Greenhouse Gas Inventory (GHG) forms must be submitted to the EPA and state agency.  Greenhouse gases are defined as gases that trap heat in the atmosphere.  The facility must report the amount combustion products, refrigerants and other chemicals lost to the atmosphere through burning, vehicular use, air conditioners and coolers, and any other process using GHG chemicals or fuels.  Reporting thresholds are based on type and amount of chemical or gas released.