Grass roots construction, plant expansions, process changes and new regulations often require various types of permits from the local, state or federal authorities. ERA specializes in preparing permit applications and negotiating with the regulatory agencies. Our experience with commercial and industrial facilities helps us efficiently assess your operation, and define the shortest path to a successful permit application. We work with you to gather the necessary data and coordinate the application with the permitting agency to expedite the process.

Typical permits categories include:

Air source registration, Inventory forms
Air emissions (minor and major)
Restricted Emissions (RES)
Air Operating Permit (AOP)
RCRA waste generator registration
Municipal sewer discharge
Storm water (NPDES)
Surface water (NPDES)
Holding tank permits
Temporary construction discharges (NPDES)

Whether your permit is large or small, you can feel confident that ERA will give you personalized professional service.